...and busy streets

hai. I'm sami, nice to meet you.unless your a judgemental person who's gonna give me crap for shipping haylor.then no.it's not nice to meet you.you can get whipped by headphones.

getting whipped by headphones seriously hurts.
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Taylor (2012):"come back be here"
Harry (2014):"i didnt come back I wasnt there"
Taylor(2012):"I knew you were trouble"
Harry (2014):"I wont trouble you no more"
Taylor (2012):"Now i’m lying on the cold hard ground"
Harry (2014):"lay there on the soft warm ground"


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dont be a fucking music snob holy crap some people like the beatles others like nicki minaj like shut the fuck up theyre just different types of noises ur not superior for liking one and not the other

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*throws diet coke bottle at the night sky*

i wish to meet taylor swift and become her best friend

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there’s a difference between talking back and defending myself thank you

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Song Of The Day: I’d Lie

He stands there then walks away, my God, if I could only say I’m holding every breath for you. He’d never tell you, but he can play guitar. I think he can see through everything but my heart. First thought when I wake up is, “my God, he’s beautiful”, so I put on my make up and pray for a miracle.

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it’s creepy to think that today and tomorrow ppl will be getting invited to the next secret session
and we won’t even know about it lmao
ppl will be lurking among us……chosen………

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Long before she was my friend, she was my friend in my head. — Lena Dunham about Taylor Swift (x)

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life goal right now: attend a concert that isn’t a taylor swift concert but WITH taylorswift

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Taylor and Abigail at Hozier’s show in Nashville (30th Sep 2014) (x)

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